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The daily maintenance of barrel is to ensure its service lif

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Daily maintenance of barrel is a necessary thing for daily use of dispensing machine, to ensure the quality of barrel daily use, storage glue needs to be cleaned, in order to ensure that glue will not stick to the barrel, easy to plug the outlet, directly leading to no glue, so that dispensing task is certainly not possible, so barrel daily. Maintenance is a must.
Lower pressure dispenser for dispensing
Decentralized dispensing pressure barrel is a mature dispensing pressure barrel manufactured in China. Using this pressure barrel as an example, you can see the importance of daily maintenance. Decentralized dispensing pressure barrel has a very special structure design. The design of the outlet hole is below, which is easy to produce glue, realizing the method of up-pressing and down-pressing, and the dispensing speed is very fast. The disadvantage is that it can not use fast solidified glue, so that it should be cleaned in time.
不锈钢点胶桶 Cleaning the role of pressure bucket
Pressure barrel is connected with dispensing machine, glue delivery can not be hindered, easy to lead to dispensing problems, so maintenance is a very important part, in fact, the daily maintenance is very simple, mainly cleaning the dispensing pressure barrel, cleaning the residual glue, drying the pressure barrel, can be made twice. Use, and replace the consumables of the lower dispensing pressure barrel at regular intervals. These are the most basic daily maintenance, are they very simple?
碳钢压力桶 How to carry out routine maintenance
No matter which kind of barrel maintenance is basically the same, according to this method, it can complete the cleaning method of decentralized dispensing pressure barrel, or more convenient, each dispensing pressure barrel is basically the same, but every day to operate, may be more troublesome for workers, but will not cause. More trouble, the lower dispensing pressure barrel operation according to these requirements, can use the time to meet the long-term use requirements.
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