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These valves can be coated with low concentration glue

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There are many types of glue valves in the market. Each type of glue valves has different effects. That's why it is necessary to distinguish the glue valves that use glue. This is to be able to use the suitable glue and industry. It is also a very important thing to apply low glue, such as using hands. The quality of glue coating is determined by the industry and glue.
A dispensing valve that can use concentrated glue
There are more than 100 types of dispensing valves in general, but there are also several types of low-concentration glue that can be used, such as manual dispensing valves (manual dispensing guns), re-moving thimble dispensing valves, re-suction dispensing valves, 33S re-moving dispensing valves and so on. Low-concentration glue can be used, and the types of glue used in each type may be different. This is the characteristics of dispensing valves. It is very important to apply low and thick glue. Because of the relationship between the speed control of glue flow, products with poor sealing will use different dispensing valves.
Manual dispensing valve can use glue concentration
复动点胶阀 The glue concentration used by manual dispensing valve is best at 1-100,000 cps, which is a kind of medium and low concentration, while high concentration glue is very difficult to operate with this kind of glue valve. The concentration will directly affect the amount of glue, which is impossible. And the production accessories are also prepared for this level of glue concentration. If the operation is forced, It is easy to burst and dangerous, especially manual dispensing gun.
千分尺点胶阀 The use of these valves for thick and low glue is sufficient to meet the production requirements. We need to quickly dispense glue with a double-acting dispensing valve, a manual dispensing valve, a high-competitive dynamic thimble dispensing valve, and a suction dispensing valve to prevent glue leakage. All kinds of valves are available. These valves can be manufactured in our own medium-sized system. It's also very cheap in terms of price. If you need it, you can call the hotline 15766102171.
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