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The manually dispensing syringe bracket can be purchased fro

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The dispensing syringe bracket is the place where the manual dispensing syringe is temporarily released. Generally, the manual dispensing machine will be given as a gift. If you need to buy it, you can find the manufacturer of the intermediate automatic equipment. Because we are the manufacturer of the manual dispensing machine, so the purchase price will be very favorable, but at the manual point. Glue machine can also be free of charge!
Scope of neutral operation
美式点胶针筒 The bracket sale is only our sideline, mainly manages the dispensing syringe. There are manual dispensing syringe, American dispensing syringe, black dispensing syringe, Japanese dispensing syringe, amber dispensing syringe, stainless steel dispensing syringe, aluminium cover dispensing syringe and so on. If you can buy them from us, we can also consider sending them. The price of your dispensing syringe bracket and the manual dispensing syringe manufactured by us are below the average level, so it is very cost-effective to buy in the medium system.
Needle barrel made of PP material
黑色点胶针筒 There are many manufacturer of manual dispensing syringe on the market. Why should we choose our medium system? Many people will think so. In fact, our advantage lies in the quality and price, such as the production of black dispensing syringe. The PP materials we use are genuine and genuine. They are all national inspection-free standards. Every time we use them, we only need to clear them. Wash, basically can be used for one month, will play glue has a corrosive effect, although the use of PP material with anti-corrosion, but there will be damage, can be used continuously for a month, has been long enough.
点胶针筒 The dispensing syringe bracket is not a core accessory, so the price is generally not expensive, and many manufacturers will produce more than the bracket, we can also produce according to your requirements, of course, if we have cooperation, you can buy black dispensing syringe, American dispensing syringe and manual dispensing syringe in our factory for a long time or The manual dispenser will give you all kinds of discounts.
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