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Stainless steel dispensing valves and needles necessary for

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There are too many things to prepare for hot melt glue dispensing, not only stainless steel dispensing valves and needles, but also heating devices for heating glue, so that it has fluidity. It is as troublesome as using vacuum glue. Needs one-stop dispensing method. Plastic dispensing needles can not meet the demand. That's it.
热熔胶 Use of Hot Melt Adhesive
Hot melt glue dispensing machine is called hot melt glue dispensing machine. Unlike manual glue gun, it can dispensing automatically, dispensing accuracy and machine control. The dispensing effect is good, which can avoid the risk of personnel injury. The disadvantage is that only hot melt glue dispensing machine can be installed. It is also very expensive, at least like the machine using vacuum glue, it also has advantages, dispensing consumables are relatively small, needle converters and plastic dispensing needles will not be scrapped, because it is not used.
Needle converter
真空胶 Needle converter is the fitting of dispensing valve and needle connection. It is usually made of plastic. If it does not cause too much, there will be no dispensing consumables, and there will be some. There will be a sealing ring inside the dispensing valve, and the hot melting degree of glue, which is easy to consume, should be replaced frequently, so we should pay attention to it. With time, after a period of time to replace, point hot melt glue is not simple, the use of vacuum glue is enough to seal.
不锈钢点胶针头 Plastic dispensing needle is the most used needle, just like stainless steel dispensing valve and needle, but the performance of the needle will be better. To use the right industry, plastic dispensing needle can meet production, mainly in the right industry, hot melt glue is not suitable for using plastic dispensing. Syringe needle.
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