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How to use rubber drum to meet your requirements

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How to use glue-coated barrel to meet your requirements, first of all, there will be a better way to use in the control, the way is very important, such as the use of heated stainless steel pressure barrel, must be in accordance with the installation of safety valves, so that the glue will be safer, air pressure stability will be improved, the use of glue-coated barrel is related.
使用涂胶桶 Accessories to be installed before use
The function of heating stainless steel pressure barrel is to operate according to the requirements of the products. This is basic and can meet the needs of production. The stainless steel heating tank will meet the needs of production. The use of rubber barrel can meet the needs of production. The installation of safety valve will have better effect. How to use pressure barrel to meet the needs of production? Here.
Heating is an advantage for glue
涂胶桶 Heating requires internal heating, while stainless steel pressure barrels can not use plastic sealing rings to prevent rubber rings from being easy, and heating temperatures can not be too high, generally between 30 and 40 degrees, which can enhance the viscosity of glue, and increase the flowability of glue, which can enhance the production effect.
Various types of specifications can be customized
压力桶 When we produce this kind of heating stainless steel pressure barrel, we have studied the market, because some glue is special, so to use this type of dispensing pressure barrel is an advantage for the industry, we can customize suitable stainless steel heating tank, such as 5L, 10L, 15L, 20L, etc., which can be based on. Your requirements are selected. The requirements of glue used every day will be set according to the different manufacturers. The use of glue-coated barrels is still more demanding. You can not use a pressure barrel casually. Although you can use it, the cost-effective ratio is too low to meet the production requirements.
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