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The use effect of kettle is determined by the quality of sea

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In our daily life, we all come into contact with the kettle. I wonder if you have noticed the base of the kettle. The whole base of the kettle is dispensing glue, and the quality of dispensing glue on the base of the kettle will directly affect the use effect of the electric kettle. Since the base of the kettle is so important, how can we dispense glue for it?
First of all, we need to understand the principle of dispensing glue on the base of the kettle. The dispensing of the base of a kettle usually starts with the preparation of AB glue, the base of a kettle, and other parts of the kettle. A circle of AB1:1 glue is applied along the base of the kettle, and then other parts connected to the base can be connected. Seemingly simple, but related to the technological requirements of kettles, industrial production still requires high precision dispensing products. Previous manual dispensing seems to have failed to meet the requirements of precision dispensing, and manual dispensing has been difficult to keep up with the production line of modern workshop. Based on the trend of this era, three-axis automatic dispensing machine is more in line with the dispensing of kettle base.
The three-axis automatic dispensing machine is a dispensing machine with high performance. Its display screen can display dispensing parameters, set dispensing time, avoid wire drawing and dispensing uninterruptedly, which largely avoids manual dispensing errors, simple operation and dispensing in kettles. In the workshop, employees can learn easily and get started easily. The most important thing is that it can improve the production efficiency of the workshop, and can also achieve high-speed and precise dispensing.
The application field of three-axis automatic dispensing machine is not only applied to dispensing on the base of electric kettle, but also to other fields, such as the simple packaging of some other household appliances, the bottom packaging of refrigerator and microwave oven, etc. Toy dispensing can also be applied to three-axis automatic dispensing machine.
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