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How much pressure is required for the normal work of the pla

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Because operators must use the glue dispenser to precisely control their own glue dispensers when they use the pneumatic dispenser, so we must have a dispensing accessory to achieve the precise adjustment of compressed air, and the role of pressure pail is so. Therefore, it can be seen that the pressure bucket is one of the most important accessories in the glue dispenser. But we must choose the type of pressure bucket that we want to use before. At present, we use much of the spray pressure barrel, which is usually driven by air pressure, so it is also called the pneumatic pressure bucket. It is composed of pneumatic motor, air pressure controller, safety valve, exhaust valve, discharging valve, inner cylinder and active gear.
Pneumatic plastic pressure bucket
The pneumatic pressure bucket is divided into metal pressure barrel and plastic pressure barrel if it is to be classified by making material. Most of the plastic pressure pail is made of polypropylene, so its maintenance and maintenance time is much smaller than that of metal pressure pail.
Plastic automatic mixing pressure bucket
So what is the way to maintain the constant pressure of the plastic pressure barrel? The solution is to determine the size of the pressure barrel itself. The existing pressure barrels are all produced in accordance with the standard specifications, so that they can save pressure manufacturers' manufacturing costs and improve production efficiency of manufacturing products. If you are large enough, you can even produce production lines. The size of the pressure bucket from small to large in turn has 3G, 4G, 6G, 11G, 20G, 28G and so on, the gap is very large. However, their normal pressure range is not very large, usually between 0.25Mpa-0.3Mpa.
High pressure plastic pressure bucket
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