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The manufacturer of dispensing pressure barrel chooses Dongg

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The manufacture of dispensing pressure drum is not something that every product can do. Some manufacturers belong to middlemen. They may have no difference in price with the source manufacturers, but the quality assurance of the source manufacturers will be higher. For example, the manufacture of each spare part is made of the best materials, fearing to affect the reputation of the manufacturers.
Dispensing barrel
点胶压力桶 The Strength of Neutral Manufacturers
Dongguan Zhongzhi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. belongs to a very powerful manufacturer. It not only produces dispensing machines, but also dispensing accessories, such as automatic mixing dispensing pressure barrel, pressure regulating valve, sealing ring, dispensing valve, etc. These are all parts that we can produce. The production of dispensing pressure barrel belongs to pressure-free production, and it can also produce non-standard type automatic dispensing. Stirring dispensing pressure barrel.
Carbon steel pressure drum
Two types of dispensing pressure barrels
碳钢压力桶 There are two kinds of dispensing pressure barrels we make, carbon steel and stainless steel. Both of them have anticorrosive effect. Glue is corrosive in general. It can't be made of plastic. Otherwise, it will easily lead to leakage of the sealing tank, which is not conducive to dispensing. Although the price of the automatic dispensing pressure barrel is expensive, it will take a long time to use. An ordinary stainless steel pressure barrel is used for dispensing. Force barrels can be used for very long periods of time, at least three years, but only during the period of replacement of consumables, such as pressure regulating valves and sealing rings.
Pressure bucket
Factors Causing Rubber Barrel Leakage
压力桶 Seal tank leakage is also related to consumables, the glue is corrosive, easy to lead to seal ring corrosion, and pressure regulating valve is easy to cause errors in installation, dispensing pressure barrel is more accessories, each fittings need to be installed in place, because the pressure density is very small, so it is easy to leak, I dispensing pressure barrel manufacturing process by strict control, not allow. Every detail has problems, especially in the pressure drum of automatic mixing dispensing, there are many accessories, so it can not be installed or less installed.
Sealed tank
密封罐 The dispensing pressure drum can be manufactured by a medium-sized manufacturer. We can find the most suitable dispensing machine for you, and the pressure regulating valve or other accessories can also be matched for you, or can be manufactured directly. Similar to the stirring pressure drum you can produce. If you need a dispensing barrel, you can call the hotline 13662812001.
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