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There are many reasons for shadowless gelation, one by one a

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Shadowless gel solidification causes many reasons. This kind of glue belongs to a special type. When it comes to ultraviolet light, it will produce solidification reaction. Ultraviolet light usually occurs during the day. Although ultraviolet light is not very strong, it will also cause shadowless gel solidification slowly. It will not be able to clean the glue, which directly results in the pressure of single-acting control glue valve, which may lead to the replacement of the glue valve and make the cost higher. 。
One of the Causes of Shadowless Coagulation
无影胶 The first reason for solidification of shadowless feet is to use an inappropriate dispensing syringe or a fluid dispensing valve, which is the most likely reason for solidification of shadowless glue. If you use a dispensing syringe, you need to use an amber-colored dispensing syringe. If you use a single-acting dispensing valve, you need to use an opaque rubber tube to meet the demand. The dispensing valve usually needs to be equipped with a dispensing pressure drum. 。
Causes of Shadowless Coagulation II
The second reason is why piston springs can also affect the solidification of shadowless glue. In fact, the influence of piston springs on glue is very low, but it will also have an impact in specific situations, such as insufficient spring elasticity, unable to promote glue, resulting in the glue inside can not flow, as time goes by, the glue will also solidify, these generally in the fluid point glue. The valve will appear.
透明点胶阀 Reasons for Shadowless Cementing
The third reason is that the glue is abnormal and the shadow-free glue will have a certain shelf life. Especially after the glue is opened, how much time is needed to dispense the glue, and the shadow-free glue is no exception. If you can store the glue according to the demand, the problem of solidification of the shadow-free glue will be relatively low, and the need for glue cleaning will arise, otherwise the single-action control glue valve will be operated. Blockage, resulting in no dispensing.
Causes of Shadowless Coagulation (4)
黑色点胶针筒 The fourth reason. It is impossible to pour shadowless glue under intense light. It needs to be operated in a dark place to avoid direct ultraviolet radiation, to prevent the solidification of shadowless glue, and to avoid the loss of fluid dispensing valve. If these details are well done, the solidification problem of shadowless glue will no longer exist, the cleaning of glue will be simpler, and the use time of piston springs will also be raised. Rise.
There are many reasons for shadowless gel solidification. It is easy to solidify if you do not do a good job of protection. This will cause great trouble for glue cleaning. Therefore, in order to ensure the service life and dispensing effect of single-action control valves, it is necessary to protect the dispensing valves from glue. If you have any questions or need to buy the fluid dispensing valves, you can call the hotline 139 2840 3389.
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