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Degumming agent cleaning is generally chosen for glue curing

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Degumming extrusion can be used for degumming, such as dispensing with a glue-dispensing syringe or a piston-type glue-dispensing syringe. Since there is no cleaning after use, there is a problem of glue solidification. If the glue-dispensing syringe is not wasted, degumming agent can be used to dilute the solidified glue and destroy the internal particles of the glue, so as to achieve the effect of degumming.
Degumming agent
除胶剂 The dispensing syringe is inexpensive, not a degumming agent.
In fact, the price of the syringe is not expensive, the market price is generally between one piece or five cents, and the use of degumming agent is not necessary, but some dispensing valves can be used, such as double-liquid dispensing valve, double-acting dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve, automatic dispensing valve and so on, basically can use degumming agent, but for the second use will still have an impact, it is best not to appear like this. Question, according to our understanding of glue, except for quick-drying glue, glue will have a period of solidification, which is the best time to officially dispense glue.
The dispensing needle
点胶针筒 Glue cylinder and piston type glue cylinder are cheaper, can not be used but not used, although a dispensing syringe can be produced five to six times, if there is maintenance, can be used more times, but the price of degumming agent will be higher, small area can also be said, the whole dispensing syringe is glue construction do not use again.
Syringe needle cylinder
Price of dispensing valve
出胶针筒 The degumming agent recommended by our system is still very good. It can not only meet the requirements of the syringe, but also meet the requirements of the dispensing valve or dispensing machine. It is also very economical to use. The price of a dispensing machine is about 10,000 yuan, while the degumming agent is tens of dollars, so it will not be recommended to use piston-type dispensing cylinder and dispensing syringe. Do not use it in the dispensing machine. Rubber syringe series.
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