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How to clean the epoxy resin glue in the dispensing syringe?

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Guide: Epoxy resin adhesive cleaning is a common problem in the dispensing industry. After each dispensing, the dispensing syringe will be cleaned once, so as to ensure the use of several or more times. Another is that the epoxy resin has solidified, and then degumming. This is a relatively troublesome thing, which requires a lot of effort to do.
Encyclopedia of dispensing syringes
点胶针筒 The dispensing syringe is also called the dispensing syringe, piston type dispensing syringe and so on. Epoxy resin adhesive belongs to a kind of glue which is widely used. There are also two and one liquids. Generally, the dispensing syringe is basically a single liquid epoxy resin adhesive, so there is no need to worry about the use problem, and the cleaning of epoxy resin adhesive is relatively simple, because this kind of glue has a long time of solidification, so it is in use. In general, no solidification occurs during dispensing. If solidification occurs, epoxy resin adhesive needs to be cleaned with degumming agent.
Chemical Cleaning of Epoxy Resin Adhesive
不锈钢点胶针筒 Degumming agent belongs to a kind of chemical substance, which can react with the glue to make the glue become water-based. This cleaning effect can be achieved. The glue syringe is usually used in this way. There are many other technologies, such as automatic dispensing valve, precision dispensing valve, screw dispensing valve and so on. However, the cleaning cost will be more than some simple cleaning, epoxy tree. Only pay attention to the cleaning of grease glue, and generally do not solidify in the dispensing syringe.
Steps for cleaning dispensing syringes
活塞式打胶针筒 The use of piston type dispensing cylinder or dispensing valve should not lead to the hardening of glue in the interior. Despite the presence of degumming agent, the damage of dispensing valve still exists, and even leads to scrap. The dispensing syringe is low in price and little loss, but the precise dispensing valve is expensive. No matter how good it is, the cleaning step of epoxy resin glue is very simple. First stop dispensing machine, and then stop dispensing machine. Take the glue syringe and use the high pressure water gun to clean it. It can clean the residual glue. It is especially convenient and cheaper than using the rubber remover.
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