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Attention to installation of pressure bucket

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In the production of pneumatic point gluing machine, the installation of pressure pail is essential. But when we install the dispensing parts, we need to pay attention to those matters needing attention. So let's take some detours in the process of installing pressure pail. That is, save time and speed up work efficiency.
Manual pressure tank first, we should pay attention to choosing pressure pail before being installed, which is not suitable for dispensing machine, though this is not part of the installation steps, but it is also a very important problem. The most commonly used pressure bucket is called pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket. The dispensing fittings are made of stainless steel, which have long service life, strong durability, and can carry most of the glue dispensing characteristics, so they are widely used in the production of dispensing pressure pail. Also remember what type of dispensing machine you want to make, because the pressure bucket is different in size and size, which will directly affect the port size of the dispenser in its production. Not only that, some of the glue machine also has its own unique glue function, sometimes we will choose to choose a more special pressure bucket.
Carbon steel pressure barrel is next to check the quality of the selected pressure bucket, so that it is good for you to avoid failure after installing the pressure bucket. Especially the safety cover and safety valve sealing parts, if these problems, it must be replaced as soon as possible.
The high pressure stainless steel pressure barrel is the installation of the pressure bucket at last. Notice that if you install the pressure bucket for the first time, you must install it according to the installation instructions attached to the product, otherwise there may be an installation mistake.
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