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Application of Brush Needle in Coating Industry

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Different types of dispensing equipment are needed for product surface coating. Brush needle is also called hair needle. It belongs to the special existence of dispensing needle. It has the characteristics of uniform coating without injuries. Therefore, brush needle is mostly used for coating and packaging of small products. Brush needle is mostly used for round-mouth brush needle. This article will describe roughly the industry and effect of brush needle application and coating.
Round-mouth brush needle
Characteristics of Brush Needle
Because the brush needle is made up of many kinds of hard hair, its hardness is not enough to compare with ordinary dispensing needle. The application scope of brush needle is mainly in the surface coating dispensing of small products. The needle body hairs are only suitable for the use of medium and low viscosity coating compound, while many kinds of different specifications of brush needles can improve the coating range, of which the round-mouth brush needle is seamlessly bonded and coated. Uniform feature is well known, which makes the application of round brush needle better and higher demand.
PCB Parts Packaging
Coating and Packaging of Small Electronic Parts
The structure of electronic parts is small. In order to ensure that the fitting effect of parts is firm and stable, the quality requirement of brush needle is high. The characteristics of round brush needle, such as large uniform and seamless surface, make the coating of parts more stable and better, and the cost is low and the usage rate is high. Therefore, the round brush needle is the selected needle for coating and packaging of electronic parts.
Round brush needle can prevent scratching the surface of the product in the process of coating, which is the need to ensure the integrity of electronic parts. Therefore, it is also necessary to consider whether to choose hard or soft wool needle according to the characteristics of the products in the production room, so as to avoid the impact of non-conformity of specifications on the application quality of brush needle.
Small brush needle
The needle with hair is mainly aimed at dispensing the surface or thread with a certain width. It can greatly improve the area and quality of dispensing without hair dropping, so that the application of the needle can be embodied. For example, the user needs to complete the coating production of various customized needle with hair brush. Call the service hotline: 13928403389.
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