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Method of guaranteeing continuous and stable gum production

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The most ideal state of factory normal production is the commonality of stability and efficiency. The dispensing of a semi-finished product is the best way to ensure the smooth and uniform dispensing. Therefore, the effect of stable and continuous dispensing is needed to improve the quality and efficiency. This paper will briefly analyze and share the methods of guaranteeing stable and continuous dispensing.
Manufacturing dispensing
Several factors affecting the consistency of rubber production
It is necessary to check whether the needle barrel itself can be put into use normally when continuously dispensing glue. Taking 300CC dispensing needle barrel as an example, 300CC dispensing needle barrel is the standard needle barrel commonly used in the industry. If the outlet is too small and the storage of glue at the top is too large, it is not conducive to the normal flow of glue, so it has a direct impact on the continuous dispensing of glue barrel, so the problem of the outlet should also be considered when selecting dispensing Of course, we should not neglect to consider whether 300CC is enough. If the storage capacity is too small, the rubber supply will affect the stability intermittently. Thus, the rubber storage pressure barrel is driven by demand.
Rubber storage point syringe
Configuration of large capacity pressure barrel for glue supply
If we want to complete the high demand and mass production of dispensing, 300CC dispensing syringe may not be fully applicable. It is also feasible to choose large capacity pressure barrel to store glue. Standard pressure barrel will be driven by air pressure to produce glue. When the storage volume is large, it is not easy to run short of glue and break glue. Moreover, the conversion effect of materials will be improved, and the production time can be guaranteed for a long time. The glue is continuously supplied.
Pressure barrel with large capacity for rubber storage
The consistency of glue flow may be affected by the viscosity. When choosing glue, we should consider not only the types of suitable rubber drums and pressure drums, but also the uses and properties. High-viscosity glue can improve the fluidity by heating properly, and promote the flow rate of glue in the 300 CC dispensing syringe, so as to make dispensing more smooth, fast and coherence, which can be achieved. The effect of continuous gumming.
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