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Easy to operate and quick manual dispensing technology

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Dispensing technology is a way of manufacturing industrial products. Adhesion, coating and filling between semi-finished products are done by dispensing. There are many dispensing methods, such as manual dispensing with a single liquid dispensing valve connection controller, dispensing with automatic dispensing equipment, and dispensing with different methods according to different needs, which can be chosen as the first dispensing study. In fact, it will be faster and more skilled to use hand-held dispensing valve gradually from manual dispensing technology.
Manual dispensing
Manual dispensing mode with free control
Manual dispensing is a very fast and simple way. It only needs to connect the controller, pedal and hand-held dispensing valve to directly bond dispensing. It can be operated by hand to control the dispensing switch of the dispensing valve or press the pedal switch. It requires less preparation and faster start-up speed. It is usually easier and easier to operate the single-liquid dispensing valve manually. It can be pressed freely from the side of the single-liquid dispensing valve. Although there is no way to fully satisfy the high demand of industrial production, lower control dispensing can be used in the production space of high-degree-of-freedom dispensing.
Dual-liquid hand-controlled dispensing valve
Various types of hand-held dispensing valves
Manual dispensing mode requires different types of hand dispensing valves. Hand-held dispensing valves are either directly pressed on extruded glue or passed through. Both of them also need air compressor to supply pressure to extrude glue dispensing. According to different types, there are also hand-held single-liquid dispensing valves and double-liquid dispensing valves. For operators, the convenience of manual extrusion is better and faster, so from all aspects. To see the hand control dispensing also has a certain application market.
Micro-control manual dispensing
Most single-liquid dispensing valves can be directly connected to the controller for manual dispensing, so from many angles, the first operation is best to choose the hand-held dispensing valve for manual control.
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