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Dust-proof, moisture-proof and erosion-proof stainless steel

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Horizontal filling drum is one of many pressure barrels. Its function is to store a variety of medium and high viscous fluids. When needed, it drives glue dispensing by motor. The function of stainless steel barrel cover is often ignored. In fact, the function of stainless steel barrel cover and safety valve is equally important. This paper will briefly analyze the lifting effect and function of barrel cover.
Pressure Barrel and Barrel Cover
Function of Safety Seal
Because of the variety and quantity of glue needed, the glue level stored in the filling barrel is higher. The glue level of the filling barrel is sealed tightly by the top of the stainless steel barrel cover to prevent the liquid level from sloshing and spilling. At the same time, stainless steel can prevent the flow of glue with high corrosiveness from affecting the service life. The function of the safety valve is to prevent the internal pressure of the filling barrel from being too high or too low to control. Therefore, the barrel cover has the same effect as the safety valve, which is used to protect a variety of rubber storage pressure barrels, including horizontal filling barrels.
Pressure barrel lid
Dust-proof and moisture-proof protective colloid
There are many kinds of glue that need to be stored when using horizontal filling barrel. The properties of different glue are different, such as conductive glue, hot melt glue, ultraviolet glue, epoxy glue, plastic glue and other commonly used glue. In order to ensure the best filling effect, it is necessary to ensure high purity. The function of stainless steel barrel cover is to protect and prevent dust and moisture, and to prevent air humidity. Moistening or dust and mist affect the compound, so we need to pay attention to the practicability and value of the barrel cover itself.
Piezoelectric pressure barrel
From a long-term perspective, it is very important to replace the new stainless steel barrel cover according to the use situation. Many accessories, including safety valves, need to be checked or replaced regularly in order to improve the practicability of pressure barrels such as filling barrels.
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