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The effect of the pressure bucket on the glue dispenser

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Pneumatic dispensing machine is made up of various dispensing fittings, so these dispensing accessories also play a crucial role in the dispensing machine assembly. But there are several dispensing accessories than other accessories to these parts. Many important function is very important in the dispensing machine, unlike other accessories like dispensing or not essential, alternatives exist, in these few key parts in the pressure barrel is one of them, then the pressure barrel on the glue machine what is it?
Plastic precision pressure bucket
First of all, we should have a certain understanding of the structure of pressure bucket, because different pressure barrels have different effects on dispensers. Therefore, let's start with the classification of pressure barrels, so that we can clearly know how many kinds of pressure barrels are there.
Pressure bucket of high pressure stainless steel
The pressure bucket used in the gas moving point glue machine must have the ability to carry the glue, but some of the pressure barrels are not capable of carrying all kinds of glue. In effect the pressure barrel can be divided into spray pressure barrel and water purifier pressure barrel, in dispensing machine for use only spray pressure barrel, and a water purifier bucket can glue on bearing pressure. But also in the spray pressure barrel are classified, because this kind of pressure barrel has many varieties, so it also needs to be divided. You can use the functions and characteristics of classification is stored or the type of glue, this is because there are a lot of materials of spraying pressure barrels, can use stainless steel, steel and other metal, of course, also can use plastic and other non metals, so the function will have a completely different situation.
Carbon steel pressure bucket
However, the most basic function of the pressure bucket on dispensing machine is not how to change, that is to control the air pressure of storage glue accurately and keep it constant.
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