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Relevant Knowledge and Details of Needle Nozzle at the Botto

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The needle nozzle of dispensing needle has always been neglected by many people. The needle hole at the bottom of dispensing needle is called the needle nozzle. The main outlet of dispensing needle is sharp, so it is also called the needle tip. There are many related knowledge and details around this area. Similarly, dispensing needle and dispensing valve, syringe, plastic steel pressure barrel are all important accessories. This time, the needle nozzle part will be simply supplemented. Knowledge description.
Plastic steel needle tip for dispensing
Why is there an inaccurate glue point?
Many needles, such as plastic needles, metal needles and plastic-steel dispensing needles, will have the problem of inaccurate glue dots after a long time. To eliminate the positioning problem of dispensing equipment, we need to check and analyze from other aspects. Operators with certain experience will find that the glue dots can be accurately corrected after the replacement of dispensing needles. It can be seen that the problem of uneven glue dots mainly occurs at the nozzle of dispensing needles. For a long time, needle nozzles need to be touched and dispensed with glue for processing products. Long-term use of needle nozzles will more or less partly wear out and affect the composition and combination of needle nozzles. Ordinary metal needles will wear out needle nozzles because of contact, so plastic-steel dispensing needles are relatively more durable and have longer service life.
Multi-specification dispensing needle nozzle
Cause analysis of blockage at the nozzle of dispensing needle
Some glue flows faster when the temperature is higher. Relative to the structure and material of the needle, there are new requirements. In order to ensure the speed of glue flow, it is necessary to heat the glue properly. The glue with higher temperature has a greater impact on the needle nozzle of the plastic shell. It may melt due to the temperature. Therefore, considering the production yield, it is better to choose the plastic-steel needle as the needle. For the glue needle.
Needle nozzle dispensing for metal case
It is difficult to notice that the problems of plugging, leaking and lack of glue may occur in the needle nozzle, so it is also important to pay attention to the inspection and regular replacement of the needle nozzle.
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