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Consideration of the selection of dispensing syringe for gua

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The glue can be coated with a brush or injected with a specific tool. The influence of dispensing syringe on the quality of glue injection is very obvious. In order to ensure the quality of injection, it is necessary to select the type of syringe, and the piston on the syringe can not be neglected.
Dispensing injection glue
Enhancement of Injection Effect by Screw Spotting Needle Barrel
If the selected rubber drum is not suitable for use, it will easily affect the injection accuracy and efficiency. Undoubtedly, there are more choices of screw dispensing syringes in many syringes. The screw dispensing syringe has strong applicability and high dispensing accuracy. The strength of the bottom thread to the fixed needle makes it inject for a long time, and it has the characteristics of high life, simple and convenient. It is precise in glue injection. The important parts of degree control can be manually operated and connected to the automatic dispensing machine to complete the glue injection, and the role of the syringe piston can not be ignored, which is also an important factor determining the injection force and quality.
Screw-type dispensing needle barrel
Effect of Cylinder Piston on Glue Injection
In the screw dispensing syringe, there are small parts that drive the glue flow called the syringe piston, which play a decisive role in the glue flow and injection effect. After the air compressor pneumatic driving piston moves, it begins to extrude glue. The dispensing syringe with piston has relatively sufficient strength and force to drive glue, and can completely inject glue into the dispensing place without considering the glue supply speed. It can be seen that the piston of needle barrel plays an important role in the completion of glue injection.
Needle piston
The piston, special dispensing needle, trachea and other accessories are needed for screw or plastic dispensing needle barrel in order to improve the accuracy and quality of glue injection.
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