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In industrial production, it is often necessary to use special storage tanks for placing paint droplets. The more the production line with large production demand depends on them, the higher the demand for storage tanks is for many users in the industry. As a manufacturer of automation equipment for research and development and wholesale sales, the storage tanks with various high-pressure selection of paint droplets are provided for storage, which is stable for users. Prerequisites for manufacturing gum dropping coating.
Stainless steel paint bucket
Paint glue tank provided by neutralization system
Paint glue tank is a kind of equipment for storing various paints or viscous fluids provided by neutral automation. The stainless steel material has good corrosion resistance. It is famous for its super capacity and glue feeding strength. It affects the consistency of dispensing production because of its large volume and avoiding the problem of glue missing or material missing in the control of paint dropping, and high pressure drives paint fluid. As the transportation is fast and stable, the paint glue tank is a paint drop glue storage tank with wide practicability and complete functions.
Fully equipped paint glue bucket
Stability effect on automatic dispensing line
It is necessary to ensure long-term stable supply of glue and efficient production in the automatic glue-dropping pipeline. Ordinary small dispensing syringes may not be able to meet this requirement. Only by choosing large-volume paint-dropping storage tanks can they be used in the long-term automatic pipeline. There are many specifications for paint-dropping tanks, such as 1L-100L, which can be customized. The fluidity of paint glue can be passed through. The top rubber is supplied by the way of tapping, while the low fluidity rubber is supplied by the way of bottom rubber tapping, realizing the actual value and effect of one plus one more than two.
Horizontal Storage Pressure Barrel
Among the many paint dropping rubber storage tanks, only the paint dropping rubber tank with strong versatility can be competent for the production of high-strength dispensing. If you want to consult the technical department of neutralization: 13928403389.
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