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Which needle is the best choice for red glue?

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The nature of red glue is that it will gradually solidify after heating to a certain extent, and its fluidity and viscosity are good and wet. It is mainly used in the sealing and fixing of electronic PCB board. When dispensing red glue, it is best to select the most suitable dispensing needle to play the best effect. This all-aluminium needle introduced in this paper has stronger durability, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, and other functions to control dispensing of red glue. The effect is better.
Heated red glue
Hardness and stiffness of needle
As a dispensing needle made of aluminium exterior material, all-aluminium base needle has excellent characteristics of rust-proof, light weight and corrosion resistance. It can support a variety of fluid control dispensing. Many colloids, including red glue, black glue and epoxy resin glue, can be used. Compared with other dispensing needles of the same kind, its service life is higher and its accuracy is more accurate. The dispensing precision needs to be guaranteed. Accuracy and low error, all of these can be used to control the amount and location of glue dispensing with all-aluminium needles, and the tip of the needle can be used to strengthen the fixation, prevent the problem of dropping when dispensing from affecting the consistency of the red glue, which is a practical and durable feature of many dispensing needles.
Aluminum needle
Various rubber valves can be assembled
All-aluminium needle can be installed at the end of dispensing needle barrel or on dispensing valve to point red glue. After adding it to the bottom of dispensing valve and controlling the amount of dispensing needed together with the controller, the red glue can flow out slowly from the dispensing needle and collimate with the dispensing needle. Except for some special cases, it can be used to control the red glue to complete the packaging of patches. When dispensing red glue, attention should be paid to controlling the temperature at 30-35 C. Guarantee the proper sealing effect for the electronic PCB board patch.
Dispensing valve with needle
Medium-sized automation can provide needles for a variety of red glue. Users can call 13928403389 if necessary.
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