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Special requirements for dispensing fittings of battery cont

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Battery contact sheet is a kind of accessory in lithium battery and even many kinds of computer batteries. Its function is to enhance the current flow effect and speed. Therefore, it is very important to fix the dispensing method of battery contact sheet. There are many options for dispensing accessories. We will share briefly the technology which can be used in dispensing fixing.
Production of Battery Contact Sheet
Selection of dispensing valve types
When dispensing with dispensing machine, dispensing valve and dispensing syringe are necessary. If the non-special glue used for bonding can be easily replaced, dispensing syringe can be stored and injected. If fast-drying glue or other kinds of thread glue are needed, different dispensing valves should be replaced according to the actual situation. There are mainly two types of dispensing valves on the market, namely, reciprocating suction valves or top needle dispensing valves, for battery contacts. High viscosity glue is needed for dispensing fixing. It is recommended to use a retouching dispensing valve with backdraft function, which can guarantee the stability and quality of the contact film production link and prevent excessive glue from affecting the quality of battery products.
Resuction dispensing valve
Pay attention to glue quality and change needle
Some special lithium batteries of electric vehicles need to be fixed with fast-drying glue. At this time, ordinary plastic-steel dispensing needles can not support the use of fast-drying glue, because the curing rate of fast-drying glue is too high, if not noticed, it may be bonded to the needle and affect the coherence of dispensing of battery contact film. This is a problem that will occur in many production lines. In view of this situation, we need to choose Teflon material. The finished dispensing needle can well accommodate the fast-drying glue in the flow and avoid the influence of curing clogging. It is also an important accessory for dispensing large batteries contact film.
Multi-specification iron particle glue needle
In addition to dispensing of battery contacts, there are actually many small electronic components that need different kinds of dispensing accessories, which should be replaced according to the glue used or the products produced.
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