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The function of cylinder piston is to strengthen the extrusi

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Manual dispensing machine has become a general equipment for industrial products. Needle barrel of dispensing needle and piston of needle barrel play a very important role in manual dispensing machine. The role of piston with small structure is neglected by most people. Many kinds of industrial dispensing syringes rely on piston to extrude glue better.
Polychrome PE Cylinder Piston
Drive glue
982 manual dispensing machine has strong versatility. It can manually control the dispensing of glue by connecting the gas pipe and the rubber pipe to the rubber cylinder. It can also control the functions of air pressure backdraft. The piston of the needle cylinder will move downward and extrude glue at the same time when the pressure is applied. The extrusion area of the needle cylinder without piston extrusion is not well controlled. The industrial dispensing syringe made of most plastics can ensure the industrial application effect. The piston of needle barrel will be added to strengthen the driving area of glue to ensure that the residual glue can be reduced, so the role of piston on needle barrel of dispensing glue is prominent.
Manual Controller of Dispenser
Why can pistons be used to recycle glue?
Workers can pull back the piston and suck back the excess glue properly when they operate the industrial dispensing syringe, because the space in the syringe will gradually increase after the piston is pulled out, and the air volume in the syringe will not increase, so that the pressure in the syringe is lower than that in the outside world. Because of the pressure difference, the atmospheric pressure will pressure the liquid into the syringe, which can solve the problem of industrial dispensing syringe. The effect of dropping low viscosity adhesive due to poor control of the backdraft force is little known, but it has practical operation value.
Matching dispenser
The material selection of needle piston is made of polyethylene, which has good low temperature resistance and chemical stability. It is a small accessory that provides fluency and convenience.
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