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Is the clamp made of stainless steel in the storage drum goo

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Stainless steel storage barrel is one of many pressure barrels. Its application characteristics are high service life, corrosion resistance, large capacity and good rubber storage performance. The pressure barrel used for storage consists of outlet, barrel body, pressure regulating valve, safety valve, ball valve switch and storage barrel clamp, etc. The overall structure meets the requirements of production in larger production space. The clamp made of stainless steel material is used as well as the clamp. Important operators can properly understand to enhance the use of knowledge and reduce follow-up maintenance errors.
Stainless steel pressure bucket clamp
Characteristics and functions of stainless steel clamps
Storage barrel clamp is mainly used to reinforce and enhance stability. It is wrapped around the outside of storage barrel for protection and reinforcement. Stainless steel material has better service life and corrosion resistance, high sealing and good performance and simple installation. The stainless steel storage barrel installed by dispensing machine needs a long time to supply glue and prevent the impact of external foreign body erosion, while the clamp is added. That's where it's shown.
Stainless steel pressure drum
Necessity of adding clamps to storage drums
In addition, the clamp also plays a fixed role. Sometimes the glue in the stainless steel storage barrel begins to decrease, and the weight of the barrel becomes lighter, which may move or be upset. If the clamp is installed, it can be used to prevent the barrel from being lighter and upset, which ensures the stability of the dispensing machine for automatic dispensing production, and also can suitably withstand the external integrity of the barrel eroded by external materials. Direct casting has strong tightness and long service life, so the clamp of storage bucket is an important accessory on stainless steel storage bucket.
Split Diagram of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
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