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Some definitions of double group splitter valve

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Now our country enterprise dispensing distribution range is very wide, but the enterprise has advanced dispensing dispensing technology is less and less, although we have studied in the single liquid dispensing machine tends to be mature, but the fluid dispensing machine in the two groups, which is the study of AB glue dispensing machine, is still not mature. Therefore, we need a long time to understand and study the glue parts. So we now have a preliminary understanding of the definition of a double component fluid dispensing valve in the AB dispenser. This is not only conducive to our better control of this glue equipment, but also for the future study of China's independent research and development of double liquid dispensing machine to lay the foundation.
AB dispensing valve
If we want to define the two component fluid dispensing valve, we must know what its internal structure is like, so we can know this kind of dispensing valve better.
Double division glue valve
Since the two component fluid dispensing valve is used for dispensing accessories on the AB glue dispensing machine, the driving way of the dispensing valve is mostly driven by electricity. This is because the AB glue dispenser needs two kinds of glue to mix and finish the dispensing when dispensing, and it must be stirred in a certain proportion, so that the performance of the mixed glue can reach the high precision level.
Double liquid large flow spot glue valve
The electric drive valve uses the stator and rotor structure. The structure is to rotate the rotor around the stator so that it can be rotated in order to complete the precise transportation of the glue. Therefore, the power drive valve must have high sealing ability, so as to achieve the reverse rotation of the motor on the dispensing valve, so as to realize the function of vacuum suction. To solve the leakage of the glue dispenser, improve the cleanliness of the glue and realize the green and environmental glue.
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