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Is manual dispensing suitable for all kinds of dispensing me

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The upgrading of dispensing technology has brought good convenience to industry. Traditional production lines are manually controlled by rubber drums. The preparation needed is less and can be operated quickly. Nowadays, there are many dispensing methods, including manual operation and automatic dispensing equipment. Is manual dispensing suitable for all production?
Manual control dispensing
Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of manual methods
Manual dispensing method can control both single component dispensing and double component dispensing. As long as the valve is connected with the controller, the dispensing valve can be held by hand through continuous supply of glue through pressure barrel, so there will be manual dispensing method suitable for all production lines. The application of manual double-liquid dispensing valve can be used not only for manual operation but also for machine control, so manual double-liquid dispensing valve can be used not only for manual operation, but also for machine control. The liquid dispensing valve can be manually controlled and installed on the pneumatic dispensing valve to drive the dispensing. However, it is better to use the dynamic dispensing valve to control the dispensing volume automatically. This is a problem that people often ignore. The dynamic dispensing valve has high matching accuracy and needs to be used with the automatic equipment.
Matching manual dispensing
Dynamic dispensing valve for high precision
The manual double-liquid dispensing valve can be used to control the dispensing of two-component glue. However, this dispensing method is not suitable for all production lines. Some production lines with high precision need to meet the micron-level dispensing volume. The stability and accuracy consistency of manual control double-liquid dispensing valve are poor, and the problem of efficiency control and the ratio of double-liquid glue can not be solved completely. Therefore, the demand for dynamic dispensing valves is inevitable, and the high precision of dynamic hybrid selection automation equipment can be suitable for the manufacturing line with large demand for precision.
Two-component dynamic mixing dispensing valve
The dispensing method can be divided into manual operation and automatic equipment. The specific choice should be based on cost, efficiency and applicability.
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