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Knowledge Sharing of High Frequency Head Cap Coating for TV

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Nowadays the popularity of TV is no less than that of mobile phones. Many families have more or less TV entertainment. The high-frequency head in the interior, commonly known as tuner, has the effect of reducing frequency and noise. The gluing method of high-frequency head cap in production line is mostly done manually. A few high-demand production lines need to use automatic dispensing machine to finish gluing, and some parts of them need to cooperate with automatic dispensing machine. Exercise, including precision dispensing valve, stainless steel dispensing needle and so on, should make special choices, such as backdraft dispensing valve, dispensing controller, plastic seat stainless steel dispensing needle and so on.
High Frequency Cover Uniform Coating
Why do we need to glue the high frequency head cap?
The reason why the cap should be installed on the top of the high frequency head is to protect the high frequency head from the damage of the surface when installing the screw. So the high frequency head cap is coated with rubber belt and cap. The automatic dispensing machine is used for higher accuracy and efficiency. The automatic dispensing machine can set the dispensing path size and parameters. The stainless steel dispensing needle has low deviation from the colloidal point. It is easy to improve the rate and quality of products. It has a special plastic seat and stainless steel dispensing needle. It has a longer life and a wide range of applications.
Plastic steel needle
Brief Operations and Settings
The outer end gluing of high frequency head cap should be carried out in the correct way, including setting and adjusting the dispensing path. The pressure of dispensing controller can be adjusted to change the driving force of glue, to ensure that the quantity and precision of high frequency head cap gluing can be met. The stainless steel dispensing needle with plastic seat has good service life and quality, and can prevent needle tips from being caused by long time dispensing. The wear force is too large, so it is necessary to readjust the influence of errors.
Plastic steel needle
In the follow-up, attention should be paid to many aspects, including checking whether the setting of dispensing parameters is correct, whether there is plugging in the dispensing valve, and the wear of stainless steel dispensing needle.
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