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High temperature resistant glue which type of glue valve can

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There are not many kinds of high temperature resistant glue. At present, it is known that inorganic high temperature adhesive can withstand the temperature of 1800 ~C without changing its properties. Organic high temperature adhesive mainly consists of heat resistant epoxy adhesive and so on. Its temperature resistance is below 400 ~C. In actual industrial production, hot melt adhesive is the main type, and hot melt adhesive dispensing has specific requirements. Most valves have both high temperature resistant glue and hot melt adhesive. The special hot melt glue dispensing valve can store liquid hot melt glue and other high-temperature glue to ensure long-term use.
High Temperature Resistant AB Adhesive
Reasons for choosing hot melt dispensing valve
Hot-melt adhesive dispensing is the most in industrial production. When dispensing, hot-melt adhesive strip must be grinded into rubber particles before heating. There is no heating device attached to ordinary dispensing valve. Only hot-melt adhesive dispensing valve with heating core can handle this kind of high-temperature resistant glue well and melt the dispensing. Copper outer shell has high temperature resistance and strong corrosion resistance, and can use many kinds of heat-resistant glue, including hot-melt glue. High temperature glue melting dispensing can cover a wide area.
Single-station hot melt dispenser
The most common problem in hot melt dispensing is incomplete melting. For example, poor temperature control results in the presence of some colloidal particles, which is not conducive to the effect of bonding hot melt adhesives on both sides. Therefore, it is necessary to melt this kind of high temperature resistant glue. The hot melt dispensing valve has a special temperature sensor to control the temperature of glue at any time. The melting efficiency of solid colloids is fast and complete to ensure that no colloidal particles can be used for products. The influence of glue filling is the guarantee of filling and dispensing of semi-finished products.
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