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The function of safety valve on dispensing pressure barrel s

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The dispensing pressure barrel can be divided into carbon steel and stainless steel according to its material quality. Especially the pressure barrel made of stainless steel has wide popularity. There are many kinds of accessories at the top of the stainless steel barrel cover, such as pressure regulating valve, safety valve and so on. The role of safety valve is mainly safety protection. If you need a complete understanding, you should start with the operation process.
Pressure Barrel Composition
Operation of dispensing pressure barrel
Pressure barrel size can be customized according to specifications, and according to the colloid concentration to choose the glue, high viscosity glue to customize the bottom of the glue, low and medium viscosity glue from the top of the pipe can be conveyed by pneumatic drive, the glue stored in the pressure barrel can be used only after the mixing blade has adjusted the proportion, the pressure of the top of the stainless steel barrel cap opens and the extrusion glue begins to convey. The function of the safety valve is similar to that of the switch, which can protect the barrel body of the dispensing pressure barrel, while other pressure regulating valves and relief valves also play an auxiliary role.
Integral Composition of Stainless Steel Pressure Barrel
Safety valve function and working process
Some glue need to use a larger pressure to drive, at this time, the pressure in the dispensing pressure barrel is larger, if not fully used, and the role of safety valve lies in this, if the internal pressure reaches a certain critical value, the safety valve will be driven by pressure and ejected to release a large amount of internal pressure, so it has the effect of slow pressure to ensure safe use, is the operator. A device that is easily overlooked in the use of personnel.
Components of Carbon Steel Pressure Barrel
The dispensing pressure barrel is mainly used to provide a large amount of colloid for the use of glue, and the role of safety valve is to ensure the stability of continuous production.
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