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Correct selection method should be paid attention to in hot

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Some specific products need to be filled with liquid hot-melt adhesive, such as shoes, textiles, books and periodicals, etc. Hot-melt adhesive dispensing is needed. If hot-melt adhesive is used to fill the ordinary valve, it is not applicable. It is necessary to use a specific hot-melt adhesive dispensing valve to apply. Of course, not only that, but also many details and choices need to be paid attention to when using hot-melt adhesive dispensing.
Hot melt adhesive stick
Colloidal properties and usage
Most hot melt adhesives are stick-like, after treatment, the formed rubber particles can be used for dispensing or filling after heating. The softening point is around 95 C. The real melting temperature should reach 160-180 C. Only when used for filling vacancies in electronic products can the good effect be achieved. When heated, the rubber particles should be put into the hot melt dispensing valve and added through the heating core. Thermal can become a fluid glue, which is the overall nature and use of the situation, when using the need to pay attention to the high viscosity of the glue, if higher and no color requirements on the choice of yellow hot melt glue.
Single-station hot melt dispenser
Characteristics of special dispensing valve
Because of the unique characteristics and operation requirements of hot melt adhesive, special hot melt adhesive dispensing valve should be used to control dispensing. Copper shell can withstand the flow of higher temperature fluid and control the glue evenly. Temperature sensor is used to control the temperature of the fluid, which solves the difficulty of temperature control inaccuracy and improves the effect of melting application of hot melt adhesive. Copper valves are always used in dispensing machines to store and supply glue.
Hot melt adhesive dispensing valve
Users need to pay attention when using hot-melt adhesive dispensing. The components with high melted colloid temperature can not be applied. To ensure normal use, the storage capacity should be kept at about 4/5 of the total capacity.
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