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Automatic glue machine can support assembly of multiple sing

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Automatic dispensing machine, also known as automatic glue dispensing machine, can be used to set the parameters of glue and adjust the path of glue. It is suitable for equipment used in the manufacture of viscose products in many aspects. It can support the assembly of a variety of single-liquid dispensing valve-controlled glue, such as compound thimble dispensing valve, reciprocating suction dispensing valve, vacuum valve and other single-liquid dispensing valves. It is mainly used to complete a variety of batch microelectronic packaging. The waterproof and dustproof coating effect of instrument seals is practical and can support many accessories.
Desktop automatic glue machine
There are many kinds of rubber valves that can be assembled and used.
The packaging of electronic products is mostly for the purpose of waterproof or dust-proof coverage. Single-liquid dispensing valves are the most widely used types of rubber valves. They are mainly used for quantitative control of a variety of single-component glue. They can be operated on automatic glue dispensing machines and can also be operated manually. The glue with higher viscosity is the double-hole-driven glue dispensing. The users of automatic glue dispensing machines should select the required single-component glue according to this. Liquid valve.
Micrometer dispensing valve
The compound ejector dispensing valve is a kind of single-liquid dispensing valve with high versatility. It can extrude the glue from the top ejector by pneumatic driving. It is suitable for microelectronic packaging to meet the mass demand in order to ensure the consistency of glue coating. The microelectronic packaging effect controlled by the compound ejector dispensing valve is uniform and the error is low. At the same time, the device can also be suitable for the configuration of a single-liquid dispensing valve, such as a backdraft dispensing valve, a vacuum valve and so on.
2121 thimble dispensing valve
The need of glue quantity control in microelectronic packaging of single-liquid dispensing valve is also a test of glue coverage effect. The reason why compound thimble dispensing valve can be applied to automatic glue dispensing machine lies in its good compatibility, so users who need semi-finished dispensing to complete waterproof and dust-proof coverage can choose this equipment to complete.
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