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How to Dispense Furniture Glue and How to Choose

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Furniture is an indispensable part of people's daily life. Sofas, wardrobes, seats and so on are common furniture. Furniture dispensing is mainly used for edge protection and other links. Hot melt glue is a kind of heat-resistant glue, which can be used to finish furniture dispensing and edge sealing. In fact, there are some problems and limitations in furniture dispensing and edge sealing, which need to be briefly described here.
Limitations of some furniture
The dispensing machine is mainly used for small-sized products, because most furniture structures are large, no matter the floor dispensing machine or desktop dispensing machine is not suitable, only special edge-sealing machine is suitable for dispensing and gluing such large-scale furniture, which is the limitation and deficiency of the actual situation.
So the small furniture can use dispensing machine to dispense glue. If the dispensing machine controls hot melt glue dispensing, special glue valve should be used to control high temperature glue dispensing. Ordinary valves can not heat high temperature glue and ensure smooth transportation. Only special copper hot melt glue dispensing valve can control high temperature hot melt glue coating to the surface. The same can also be used for other applications. High-temperature epoxy resin and other high-temperature glue, in the actual situation, we should consider whether it is suitable for furniture dispensing bonding.
Molded solid hot melt stick
Operation process with hot melt glue valve
Hot melt adhesive is suitable for furniture dispensing in many high temperature resistant glue. Hot melt adhesive strip needs to be ground into rubber particles and then added to the rubber valve container. The glue particles are melted by external heating core. Then melted high temperature resistant glue is coated on the adhesive surface with automatic dispensing equipment. The operation stability and safety performance can be improved.
Copper hot melt dispensing valve
To sum up, furniture dispensing is limited to small structure size, and common furniture is not suitable for dispensing machine.
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