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What is the effect of dispensing on electronic metal case? I

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The influence of electronic packaging is deeply rooted in people's hearts. In fact, the dispensing of metal shell for small parts is also a kind of packaging. It has some effects such as dustproof and waterproof for the external coating of electronic metal shell. Therefore, most of the electronic metal waterproof adhesives are recommended by dispensing machine. The automatic system controls the dispensing volume of single liquid dispensing valve to meet the requirements of production line. This is the case. One of the ways to protect the metal shell from waterproofing.
Miniature Electronic Parts
Why glue the metal shell?
The exterior of electronic parts is often affected by the blockage of foreign bodies when they are used, such as dust or water vapor intrusion, etc. Normal use is affected by the blockage of foreign bodies. A single liquid dispensing valve is used to protect the surface from epoxy glue, and it can also play an appropriate role in heat conduction and heat dissipation. Most electronic parts are small in structure and have higher requirements for using conditions. Glue can set parameters through an automatic glue machine. Quantitative control after uniform coating on the surface of electronic components, can have a good effect and role of dust-proof and waterproof adhesive, and the types of single-liquid dispensing valves have to be selected through a specific selection, Xiaobian recommends the use of compound pin dispensing valve for quantitative control of glue, to achieve the effect of dust-proof and waterproof adhesive for metal parts.
Automatic glue machine
Complete control method of compound ejector dispensing valve
The control quantity of glue will be the precondition of the integrity of glue, and the control of glue output needs precise accessories to achieve, so the glue dispensing requirement of metal shell is uniform and can not leak out excessively. The batch dispensing of small electronic shell can be completed by automatic glue dispenser. The assembled single-liquid dispensing valve controls the total amount of waterproof glue for the compound moving top needle dispensing valve, and the applicable glue dispensing valve can control the total amount of waterproof glue. Diversified and good application effect is the guarantee of dispensing various types of electronic metal shell.
Compound ejector dispensing valve
Compound needle dispensing valve can be used for quantitative control of medium and high viscosity glue. It has deep recognition in many single-liquid dispensing valves, and has become a standby glue valve of automatic glue dispensing machine. It plays a stable and guaranteed role in dispensing of metal shell.
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