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Dust-proof coverage for dispensing part of small structural

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Small structure products dispensing for a variety of reasons, mainly used for,, and some for waterproof and dust-proof coverage, because air moisture or foreign dust may intrude and influence, smaller metal shell dispensing is also to protect the coverage of the equivalent effect of a single liquid dispensing valve with automatic glue dispensing machine control, this will briefly analyze the parts of the shell dispensing coverage. Importance and operation.
Small structure motherboard dispensing
Small product shell dispensing cover
Most electronic parts are made of metal shells, which have certain anti-erosion ability and effect. If epoxy glue is used to protect the secondary dispensing sleeve of these small parts, and the need for electronic packaging is similar, the automatic glue machine can set the path parameters needed for dispensing, so as to facilitate the dispensing protection work, and at the same time, the metal shell points of these small parts can be set. In addition to strengthening the effect of waterproof and dust-proof coverage, glue can also improve the heat dissipation effect. Small electronic metal shell dispensing needs to use specially selected rubber valves to apply to automatic glue dispensing machine, while single-liquid dispensing valves recommend the use of compound thimble dispensing valve for dispensing coverage.
Double Cylinder Double-acting Plug Needle Splitting Valve
Recommended use of compound thimble dispensing valve control glue
Single-liquid dispensing valve is the most commonly used type of glue control tools for automatic glue dispenser. Compared with two-component glue, it has smaller structure and less preparation. Inserting a rubber supply pipe can be used for glue water-proof and dust-proof coverage. The compound thimble dispensing valve has stronger applicability, supports the use of medium-high viscosity glue to coat the dispensing valve, and the thimble extrudes the glue evenly and the reaction effect is sensitive, so it conforms to the seal. Manufacturing requirements for assembly and coverage.
Compound ejector dispensing valve
The compound ejector dispensing valve is suitable for dispensing most electronic parts to achieve the effect of waterproof and dust-proof coverage. According to different production needs, a variety of single-liquid dispensing valves can be replaced to control the volume and accuracy of the glue. Besides the need of dispensing for metal shell of small electronic parts, there are many other aspects of production can be applied.

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