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What is the preparation and configuration for batch producti

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The buzzer belongs to an integrated electronic loudspeaker, which can be used to complete the work of vibration and sound production of equipment. It mainly plays a two-sided bonding effect on the buzzer dispensing, so that the sound film can be strengthened by dispensing with the buzzer. It is necessary to set the driving pressure of the special coating pressure barrel to be suitable and the use conditions are appropriate, and to avoid the problem of uneven or poor glue coating, so it is guaranteed that the buzzer can be strengthened by dispensing. The links such as replacing the sealing ring of the pressure barrel of the rubber valve can not be ignored.
Batch buzzer dispensing
Configuration of dispensing requirements for buzzer
Because the structure of most buzzers is small and the precision requirement is high, it is necessary to use 502 glue to reinforce the bonding surface. Most of 502 glue is strong and it is difficult to apply uniform glue. When glue is applied on the surface of buzzers, glue leaks often occur because of excessive glue content. It is better to check whether to replace the sealing ring to eliminate the influence of glue leak, while manual operation often controls 502 glue. It is not recommended to use manual control for batch buzzer surface gluing. Customized version of paint pressure barrel can be used to store and drive 502 point glue.
Stainless steel coating pressure drum
Reasons for Choosing Paint Pressure Barrel
The main material of paint pressure barrel is stainless steel, which has some impact resistance and good application effect of high viscosity glue. The built-in stirring blade can be used to treat the glue placed for stirring treatment, so as to avoid the influence of delamination of glue stored for a long time on its viscosity. It has a strong control effect on the 502 point glue of high viscosity and is more convenient for the strength and quality of buzzer dispensing. It should be noted that the paint pressure barrel should be protected and maintained from time to time, such as checking whether the paint pressure barrel fixed safety valve pressure regulating valve can be used normally and changing the sealing ring, so as to avoid the uneven dispensing of buzzer caused by unstable glue supply.
Transparent 502 glue
For buzzer dispensing, it is necessary to avoid the uneven application of 502 dispensing glue, and a variety of accessories such as paint pressure barrels are one of the options to improve stability.
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