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Operating mode and difficulty of controlling high viscosity

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There are many kinds of high viscosity glue suitable for use in dispensing machine industry, such as 502-point glue epoxy glue and so on. The dispensing machine and controller with higher pressure and precision should be used to control this kind of glue, so as to prevent the influence caused by insufficient driving pressure. The same is true of the coating pressure barrel for storing the feed material. The normal pressure must be controlled to drive the glue. It is necessary to use glue to bond and dispense glue, and to prevent the problem of uneven coating. These are the aspects that need to be guaranteed for dispensing of small buzzers.
High Viscosity PVC Adhesive
Characteristics and Operation Difficulty of High Viscosity Glue
It is difficult to use ordinary setting to drive the glue. The pressure regulating valve at the top of the coating pressure barrel can be used to control the internal driving glue strength, so that it can be used in production lines such as buzzer dispensing to meet the needs. Generally speaking, high viscosity glue storage is needed. There is a pressure barrel through the bottom of the gum, and control of high viscosity 502 point gum is also used in the bottom of the gum, the flow of poor high viscosity glue need to use this way, to avoid abnormal control of the amount of gum 502 resulting in uneven gum coating.
15000 High Viscosity Glue
Demand for dispensing buzzer
The buzzer in the sound needs to be bonded with the sound film to strengthen the quality of the buzzer dispensing. It needs to use high-viscosity glue to strengthen the quality of the buzzer dispensing. It avoids the bad sound such as falling parts and falling shells caused by low viscosity. 502-point glue is a commonly used adhesive. It can be stored and controlled by ordinary rubber drum, and also can be stored in large-capacity paint pressure bucket. This kind of glue supply is relatively the choice. It is stable and not easy to be affected by glue shortage, which is more in line with the demand of batch buzzer dispensing.
Microbuzzer dispensing
The non-uniformity of glue coating is related to the fluidity of high viscosity glue. The viscosity of glue can be reduced by adjusting the ratio or heating properly.
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