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The pressure of dispensing machine should be controlled acco

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The air supply of dispenser pressure is generated by the start of air compressor. After connecting the controller, the air pressure can be set on the controller and the strength of backdraft agent can be set. Most dispensers are equipped with paint pressure barrels made of stainless steel to supply glue. The size of the pressure of glue supply also needs to be established, because the driving force of high-viscosity glue is large, such as viscous 502-point glue. In order to control the dispensing, it is necessary to establish a high pressure dispenser. Specifically, it needs to be set according to the actual situation.
Dispenser Controller Matching
Controlling the Pressure of 502 Point Adhesive with High Viscosity
High viscosity glue is mainly embodied in the characteristics of high viscosity, poor fluidity and good strength. For example, the buzzer dispensing in small electronics should control the high viscosity glue to prevent it from falling off. 502 glue is a kind of universal adhesive with high viscosity and firmness. Because of poor fluidity, the pressure of dispensing machine needs to be raised, so the pressure control deviation when 502 dispensing is used. Pressure regulating valves for large paint pressure barrels, including those for glue storage
Electronic buzzer dispensing needs high viscosity glue to reinforce and bond, so it needs a long time of continuous and stable air pressure supply to prevent the lack of glue from affecting the yield of good products, so adjust the pressure regulating valve of the paint pressure bucket to control the air pressure, to ensure that the glue quantity after dispensing of electronic buzzer is uniform and stable.
Electronic buzzer dispensing
The case where the pressure needs to be lowered
As mentioned earlier, when dispensing 502 glue, we need to increase the pressure of the whole supply, such as buzzer dispensing, which needs a stable and persistent pressure to ensure the yield of good products. When excluding the point of high viscosity glue, we need to reduce the pressure of dispensing machine. For example, when the amount of glue is too high, we need to reduce the pressure of dispensing machine, so as to avoid the glue overflow caused by excessive driving glue. On the bonding path of the product, the pressure in the paint pressure barrel is too high to be lowered. When the internal pressure is too high, the safety valve plug will pop up. It is easy for the operator to understand that the pressure of the internal storage glue is too high, so that the pressure of the dispenser can be properly lowered.
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