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What is ultraviolet glue? What are the differences in curing

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Ultraviolet glue is also called ultraviolet glue. Sealing filling glue used in semi-finished products can be dripped by UV glue. The curing method differs greatly from ordinary glue. It is a kind of adhesive that can quickly react and cure when it receives uniform ultraviolet radiation. It maintains a liquid nature in normal environment. When it is irradiated by ultraviolet radiation, it will quickly cure, requiring special dropping needle. Drop storage glue, transparent photo frame glue and mobile phone screen shattering all need to use this glue.
Black Photosensitive UV Adhesive
Characteristics of Ultraviolet Glue
Ultraviolet UV glue is mainly used for bonding or mutual bonding of handicraft plastics. The cured Ultraviolet glue has low volatility and high transparency. It can be stored in an opaque dropping syringe to prevent it from being cured by ultraviolet radiation in the light. It can be used for bonding and fixing between transparent materials. Therefore, it can be used to repair broken screens and frame dropping glue with transparent materials. This special glue is used.
Amber dispensing syringe
Effect and Quality of Application Industry
Ultraviolet glue is used for repairing broken screen of mobile phone. Amber dropping syringe can prevent UV glue from being stored and solidified inside, which affects the coherence and efficiency of UV glue. Different specifications can store different amount of UV glue. If the amount of dropping glue is large, higher specifications should be selected. The complete work of repairing broken screen of mobile phone with low defect is achieved by dropping UV glue. The glue is stored in it. Dropping syringe can quantitatively control the dropping on the bonding surface of the broken screen. The transparent material can enhance the curing rate through ultraviolet light, so that the repair quality of the broken screen can be accelerated.
Repair of dispensing of mobile phone screen
The amber syringe is not only suitable for ultraviolet glue, but also can store UV glue as long as it weakens the light. So it has good effect and consistency in repairing broken screen and frame glue dropping. The promotion effect of adding ultraviolet light to the frame glue dropping production line is more obvious.
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