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Using UV glue to repair broken screen of mobile phone with s

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The feasibility of smart phone repairing broken screen is related to human factors. If the smart phone screen falls seriously, it can not be repaired completely. The screen with lower damage can be repaired with UV glue. The adhesive surface of the smart screen can be dripped with UV glue and then adhered to wait for the glue to be cured and dried. Special dripping syringe is needed for storage, and the curing rate will be accelerated under the irradiation of ultraviolet light. Because of this characteristic of UV glue, it can also be used in transparent photo frame dropping glue.
Rehabilitation of Broken Screen of Mobile Phone
Operation of Mobile Phone Screen Repair
In order to remove the foreign body dust on the broken screen of mobile phone and start repairing the broken screen, the repair of broken screen of mobile phone needs to glue the glue on the surface, then glue the debris surface together, accelerate the curing speed through ultraviolet light, complete the overall operation, use dispensing machine to control the dripping syringe to store and drive the glue out. Here, it is recommended to use black syringe to store the dripping glue and repair the broken screen and the weakness of the black syringe. It has strong light property and good storage effect. It can store for a long time and drip UV glue on the bonding surface. It is not easy to solidify in the dripping syringe when using, which causes blockage. The black syringe is relatively suitable for repairing the broken screen and the frame dripping glue which require more continuous glue production.
Black UV repair adhesive
Dropping effect on other products
The repair of broken screen of mobile phone can be carried out by dropping UV glue. It can also be used in batch manufacturing links such as photo frame dropping glue. Glass photo frame has the same transparency as mobile phone screen. The principle of dropping glue is much the same. After dropping UV glue, the curing rate is accelerated by ultraviolet light in the light, and the strength and quality of dropping glue are greatly improved. Large specifications are used in batch photo frame dropping glue. The medium-sized manufacturer provides 30CC, 50CC and other kinds of black syringe storage glue, which can be used for mass production of UV glue on the surface of transparent products.
Black UV adhesive syringe
Smartphone repair can be done by dripping UV glue to complete the bonding and fixing. The repair of a larger area of broken screen requires special ways. For example, the dripping syringe and the dripping syringe should be selected in a specific way, and the dripping glue can be stored in a larger black syringe to complete the repair work.
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