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Semiconductor Coating Control of High Precision Chip by Scre

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In the electronic industry, automatic equipment and high-precision accessories are used in the gluing process. Semiconductor gluing needs high-precision equipment to control the gluing quantity. The automatic equipment is used to complete the gluing process of semiconductor according to the correct gluing step. The special sealing dispensing machine is selected to control the consistency of gluing quantity. The screw dispensing valve has high and uniform control precision for the gluing quantity. Semiconductor coated with glue has the function and characteristics of heat conduction and sealing at the same time.
Semiconductor chip packaging
Reasons for Electronics Semiconductor Coating
Semiconductor, which is a kind of material between conductor and insulator, needs to be coated with automated equipment to assist in its application. The automatic sealing dispensing machine is selected to carry out the position where the semiconductor chip needs to be coated. The dispensing step and parameters of the dispensing machine are set on the control board. Then the glue is coated on the semiconductor and the thickness of the glue layer is maintained. After the glue is coated, the coating of the semiconductor is ensured. The thickness of the coating layer is uniform and there is no bubble affecting the appearance. It has the same heat dissipation effect as the chip after heat conduction filling. The sealing dispensing machine can set the system parameters of batch dispensing, which has a positive effect on the consistency of sealing requirements for semiconductor coatings. Selecting the screw dispensing valve manufactured by Seiko has the advantages of uniform dispensing amount and quick dispensing.
331 non-standard sealed dispensing machine
Advantages of glue control using screw dispensing valve
The application of screw dispensing valves in the same kind of dispensing valves is more diversified. Voltage-driven and built-in precision screw control the glue out. The glue quantity control reaction is fast and the error of glue out uniformity is low. The effect of glue out with high consistency is remarkable. The control degree of stability and yield of glue after glue out is good, so the semiconductor glue ring with high batch and precision requirement is good. Savings are also applicable, and the sealing dispensing machine can also add screw dispensing valves for quantitative control of glue, according to the setting of the gluing step, it has a consistent and uniform and stable glue output, while the semiconductor after gluing has a common effect with heat conduction and sealing.
Precision control screw dispensing valve
The stability control of the semiconductor after coating by screw valve has a good effect on controlling the accuracy of the glue, and the thermal conductivity of the glue is in common with that of the chip after heat conduction and sealing. Therefore, the accuracy control of the semiconductor coating and the correct orientation of the glue coating steps are more prominent.
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