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Application effect of automatic sealing dispensing machine p

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The dispensing machine has already become the automatic equipment of glue dispensing in batch manufacturing. The middle-sized automation manufacturer provides a sealed dispensing machine for users to choose and use. It has the characteristics of strong consistency and high control precision in the application of batch glue dispensing. The control precision of the electronic products'sealant coating and the function of the special screw dispensing valve are indispensable. The application scope and the effect of glue packaging will follow. The use effect of the industry is reflected. This paper briefly describes the industry with high precision requirements such as semiconductor coating and diode packaging.
331 stroke sealed dispenser
Function of Seal Selection Automation Equipment
Sealing dispensing machine platform can be divided into standard travel 221, 331 and other types, through the quantitative control of glue out of the way to complete the electronic products coating sealant packaging link, can connect the controller to set out the parameters and path of glue, large workstation plane at the same time for a number of electronic products dispensing high accuracy, in line with small structures such as semiconductor diodes, product coating packaging, etc. In order to complete semiconductor coating and diode packaging industries with high precision requirements, various accessories are indispensable for auxiliary applications. Assembling new screw dispensing valves can be used for quantitative glue control.
Semiconductor coating and diode coating require high control accuracy mainly because of their small size. The required product has small tapping point and low uniform repetition accuracy. It requires high performance and operation of sealing dispensing machine. The screw dispensing valve has high repetition accuracy and good quality in batch control for controlling the precision and quality of coating and coating of semiconductor and diode packaging. It is related to the unique manufacturing process.
Electronic Semiconductor Chip Packaging
High precision screw dispensing valve with glue control stability
The precision control of screw dispensing valve for glue quantity is higher than that of general glue valve and runs more stably. The way of electric control for glue discharge is uniform and fast, avoiding the requirement of air source stability caused by pneumatic dispensing. The glue output accuracy can reach 0.01 mm. The quality of small electronic parts such as diode packaging and semiconductor glue coating can be strengthened. It can be assembled on a sealed dispensing machine to operate and promote. Quality and output of sealant.
High precision screw dispensing valve
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