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Learning the complete steps of gluing and strengthening the

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High precision product coating requires high operation and dispensing machine and other related requirements. At the same time, correct coating steps also need to be understood and implemented. This is the details often ignored when operating a sealed dispensing machine. Especially the quantitative control of the amount of glue in the process of electronic semiconductor coating has become one of the evaluation standards of accuracy and quality nowadays. How to align the sealant on the surface according to the steps is right. The test of operation, so this will briefly explain and explain the steps and operation of gluing.
Electronics Semiconductor Coating
Execution of Semiconductor Coating
Because semiconductor materials are generally made into small electronic parts, it will affect the degree of start-up of the gluing process. First, the dust and other foreign matter may be contained on the semiconductor surface can be removed before the sealant can be applied. Then, after aligning the semiconductor and the contact surface, it can be quantitatively controlled by a high-precision screw dispensing valve to ensure that the semiconductor is firmly bonded to the original plate. After setting the parameters of the sealing dispenser, the glue can be produced on the surface of the micro-semiconductor coating, which is the general step of the semiconductor coating.
Semiconductor chip packaging
Selection of screw dispensing valve
Implementing the correct glue-coating step has a great effect on improving the product yield. Because of the small semiconductor structure and high repetition precision of the demand, special-made glue valves are needed to be assembled on the sealing dispenser to enhance the accuracy and efficiency. Selecting screw dispenser valves for quantitative control has a positive effect on improving the quality of glue-coating. Electrically driven screw extrusion glue is used to produce glue, and the execution accuracy and quality are improved. Quantity stability is also strengthened, and the packaging control of sealant coating is relatively stable, so the selection of screw dispensing valve plays a decisive role in the batch strengthening of semiconductor coating.
Precision screw dispensing valve
In addition to defining the correct steps of coating, the value of precise parts such as sealing dispenser and screw dispensing valve in the production of semiconductor coating sealant and other electronic parts can not be ignored.
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