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Relevance between Thermal Conductivity Encapsulation Effect

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Electronics parts gluing has a good protective effect, the use of automated equipment to control fluid for electronic parts after heat conduction filling enhances the heat dissipation effect greatly, the overall structure of semiconductor gluing is small, the glue surface that needs to be covered is uniform and high accuracy requirements, the selection of equipment accessories and the correct gluing steps are also indispensable, the choice of desktop type sealant dispenser and screw dispensing machine Valve rubber volume control has the advantages of high accuracy, consistency, strong error and so on.
Thermal Conductivity Encapsulation Effect of Electronic Parts
Precision Application of Equipment and Fittings
In order to ensure the stable operation of the gluing process, 331-position sealing dispenser is selected for batch small-scale semiconductor gluing, which can be set as batch array gluing and filling, and screw dispensing valve ensures repetitive precision control of good products. This dispensing machine is used in most product encapsulation and sealing. The reason for selecting special screw dispensing valve is the repetitive control of accuracy. The common dispensing accuracy of the valve can meet most of the coating. However, it can not achieve the repetitive accuracy, which has a great impact on the thermal conductivity of the sealing.
331 Platform Customized Dispenser
Screw dispensing valve made of aluminium alloy
How does the sealing dispensing machine guarantee the coating accuracy of small electronic products? The main purpose is to select a screw dispensing valve with high consistency in assembly and high precision in dispensing glue for quantitative control. There is no stable influence factor of electric drive as that of pneumatic drive. The advantages of electric drive screw valve are that the stability of sealing glue is greatly improved, screw extruding glue and the batch yield of semiconductor glue coating is improved, and it also has good effect on heat conduction and sealing.
Screw dispensing valve with controller
According to the correct steps of gluing, the thermal conductivity of electronic semiconductor and other components can be enhanced, which is mainly reflected in the low uniformity error of gluing amount, which is inseparable from the function of the selected sealing dispenser and the precision screw dispensing valve.
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