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Coating sealant can improve the thermal conductivity of seal

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The quality of automatic equipment used in the work of coating sealant for electronic products is guaranteed, such as semiconductor diode and other electronic parts. When making and producing, special sealant dispensing machine should be used to carry out batch packaging and coating, and the sealing of electronic parts can be completed by using equipment. Therefore, the dispensing machine with good performance and precision screw dispensing controlled by diode packaging and semiconductor gluing can be used for sealing sealant. Valve execution accuracy and efficiency.
Sealing High Viscosity Adhesive
Selection of Coating for Semiconductor Diodes and Other Products
Semiconductor and miniature diode belong to one kind of electronic components. Sealant quantitatively controls the sealing of diode and conducts the protection and heat conduction of semiconductor coating after coating on the surface. Quantitative control of glue is needed for the coating of sealant on these miniature components. The mode function of manual glue coating is not strong, and the function of automatic sealant dispenser is indispensable. Sealant dispenser can be selected to complete the raw process. The products with high output and demand have strong consistency and stable operation, and the control quality of sealant tends to be uniform and stable, which is related to the special screw dispensing valve.
Selecting Precision Fittings to Control Rubber Quantity
To ensure long-term high consistency in the coating of electronic products with high precision, the types of control valves selected by the sealing dispenser are different. Special screw dispensing valves can be assembled. The control precision of the screw dispensing valves is high and the stability is strong. The repetition accuracy of the sealants used in batch production is (+0.02 mm), which is suitable for most small semi-finished products. It promotes the production needs of batch diode packaging and semiconductor coating.
Screw valve dispenser
Sealants for parts such as semiconductors and diodes mainly play a protective or fixed role. The cured sealants have certain functions of dust-proof, moisture-proof and heat conduction and heat dissipation. This is the reason why they are coated with sealants. The effect and extent of improving the quality of batch semiconductor coating and diode packaging are great.
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