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Can diode packaging be done with a packaging dispenser?

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Diode encapsulation is a common operation in the production of electronic components. It refers to fixing circuit glue on other devices with glue. During this period, the quantity of sealing glue should be strictly controlled. The automatic operation of sealing dispensing machine is used to complete diode encapsulation with good quality and high efficiency. It can set parameters for batch glue encapsulation. At the same time, it can also glue batch semiconductor and so on. Stable and highly consistent. It is more advantageous to fix the package on the device without dropping, which is related to the application of the screw dispensing valve.
Microdiode Packaging Coating
Need for Diode Coating Packaging
At present, the use of automation equipment is the leading factor in diode packaging, and the batch packaging and coating can be carried out by sealing dispensing machine. The same is true for micro-semiconductor coating. There are several kinds of diode packaging, such as glass packaging, metal packaging and plastic packaging. Sealant is needed for packaging. Sealant dispensing machine can set alignment sealing path and parameters. At the foot of the enclosure, the connection between the diode and the circuit is realized, and the corrosion caused by impurities, foreign substances, water and gas in the air should be prevented. Therefore, the efficiency of automatic equipment is fast and the rate of good products is high. The sealing glue is applied on the alignment bonding surface to make the coating surface of the diode firmer.
331 Non-punctuating Rubber Machine
Function of high precision screw dispensing valve
Diode structure generally needs small amount of sealant meticulously and evenly. It is difficult for ordinary rubber valves to control the amount of sealant and ensure the uniformity of adhesive points. This is a special requirement of precision electronic packaging coating. To meet this practical need, a screw dispensing valve is provided to help users continuously control the precise amount of sealant. It can be installed in a sealant dispensing machine to control the amount of sealant and driven by a screw. Uniform and quantitative glue quantity control glue coating and glue production, while electric drive stability and high efficiency, better complete the production of small products such as diode packaging and semiconductor glue coating.
High precision screw dispensing valve
According to the actual situation, the sealing dispensing machine and assembly screw dispensing valve are widely applicable and practical for batch diode packaging or semiconductor coating.
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