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Method of batch dyeing edges of metal buttons

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There is a circular groove on the edge of some metal buttons. This groove can be aligned with the button dyeing point in a special way. It is a way to control flow dyeing by connecting the controller and the air source manual operation 3131 dispensing valve. It can also use desktop automatic dispensing machine to control the paint outflow dyeing. Good sealing effect can prevent the paint glue overflow, and it can also be used for lithium battery glue coating. In such precision production work, automatic dispensing machine and glue extruder are essentially different. Users need to select and use it in button dyeing.
Metal keys painted
Batch Button Dyeing Requirements
The automatic dispensing machine is used to control the glue on the edge groove paint of buttons. After setting the path and pressure value, the dispensing machine will reset and press the start button. Then the dispensing machine will evenly coat the red paint along the coating ring of metal buttons. The characteristics of uniform distribution of paint, high batch manufacturing efficiency and consistency provide users with stable and efficient execution mode, and make dispensing machine and rubber valves and other accessories. The application of dispensing machine is different from that of extruder. The dispensing machine is driven by the ejector of 3131 dispensing valve by pneumatic pressure to complete the batch button dyeing process.
331 desktop dispenser
Advantages of using automation equipment
Manual control of 3131 dispensing valve to drive paint is one way, and automation equipment is another way. Because manual control of dispensing valve is unstable and easy to offset, it is not conducive to the consistency of batch dyeing of buttons, so the selection of automation equipment for quantitative control, the production of small parts such as lithium battery glue is more tend to automation equipment, extruder generally refers to glue. Extruder is different from dispensing machine in application and operation scope. If the micro-control of glue extruder is forcibly applied, the glue overflow may even occur, which is not suitable for button dyeing.
31 compound ejector dispensing valve
The automatic dispensing equipment loaded with 3131 dispensing valve can control button dyeing evenly and steadily, and it is not easy to cause glue overflow problem to affect practicability.
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