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Decisive factors of dispenser price range deviation

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Automated dispensing machine has high cost performance and relatively wide application industry. It can be used for fine lithium battery coating and sealing, and also for batch button dyeing. Therefore, the price of this dispensing machine has higher practical value and quality than other similar equipment. It supports the assembly of many thimble dispensing valves, including 3131 dispensing valves, and has a high degree of completion for semi-finished products. The application effect is good, and the price is relatively high.
Desktop type 331 dispenser
Multiple factors determining prices
The price fluctuation of automatic dispensing machine on the market is mainly influenced by several evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria are highlighted through the aspects of labor, cost, efficiency and quality. The dispensing machine operated automatically can start after setting the path and execution parameters and resetting. For many products placed, the gas pressure drives the outflow fluid. The 3131 dispensing valve is a universal dispensing valve, which is suitable for manual grip. The principle of this dispensing valve is to drive the thimble to move by pneumatic pressure, so that the fluid such as glue or paint can be ejected evenly. It can be used for quantitative control of manual operation or connection of automatic dispensing machine. It is suitable for batch manufacturing of lithium battery gluing or button dyeing, so the price standard of automatic dispensing machine on the market varies from 10,000 to 50,000.
221 desktop custom dispenser
The need for button dyeing
Users can know that the glue valve can also be used to control the amount of fluid painting after they have a proper understanding of the principle of the dispensing valve. The dispensing machine can be selected for the batch array execution of small button dyeing. The unique position slot can dye multiple buttons simultaneously with high efficiency and save labor and cost. After setting parameters, 3131 point valves can evenly paint the circular slot at the outer end of the button, and button dyeing. The effect of finished product is uniform and the cost of batch production is low. The spreader based on the principle of dispensing valve, including the backdraft valve, also has a wide range of applications. The same lithium battery coating also needs the production quality with high accuracy and consistency. Under the influence of this trend, the price of dispensing machine tends to be low in the middle and high-end market.
Paint metal buttons
The price of dispensing machine is mainly affected by labor, cost, efficiency and quality, so many dispensing equipment and accessories, including batch button dyeing and lithium batteries gluing, can be selected as auxiliary equipment provided by neutral automation and 3131 dispensing valve.
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