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It is easy to control and adjust by understanding the princi

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The function of dispensing valve is mainly used to control glue. Good sealing and control precision can effectively prevent glue point out or glue spill. Understanding the principle of dispensing valve has a good promoting effect on the use of glue. It requires high precision in batch lithium battery glue coating and button dyeing, which makes the selection of relevant equipment and accessories more special. This will be simple. To describe the principle of dispensing valve for 3131 dispensing valve control operation lifting range.
31 backdraft dispensing valve
Brief description of operation principle of dispensing valve
The dispensing valve mainly controls the amount of glue by air pressure. The dispensing valve principle is to start the air source and convey compressed air to the rubber valve. The double cylinders of the rubber valve are moved back and forth to control the glue to prevent leakage. The flow is fast. The cylinder and valve body are protected by sealing rings to prevent glue overflow from affecting the good rate of the sealing dispensing. The same is true for the general-purpose 3131 dispensing valve. The working principle of needle dispensing valve controlled by built-in rod is different, which makes it conform to the batch production line of lithium battery gluing or button dyeing.
3131 reciprocating suction dispensing valve
Why to understand the principle of dispensing valve
3131 dispensing valve has a unique function of restoring and suction. Controller is used to adjust the air pressure to raise or reduce the suction force to control the effect of low concentration glue overflow on the appearance of finished products. Understanding this, the principle of the dispensing valve is better for stability control. 3131 dispensing valve is selected to prevent excessive flow and leakage from affecting the use of finished lithium batteries when coating lithium batteries. The same button dyeing method is used for lithium batteries. Too much paint directly affects the appearance, that is, it can not be evenly filled in the button slot.
Whole size of 3131 dispensing valve
Understanding the principle of dispensing valves can promote the use of the effect. Most of the glue leakage is due to the low accuracy of air pressure control. It is better to select high-quality parts with moderate automation to improve the stability.
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