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Competition analysis of pressure barrel production enterpris

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As an important part of dispenser, the pressure barrel plays a role in self-evident. With the improvement of production technology of dispenser and the requirement for pressure barrel, we will make a summary of the competition analysis of pressure bucket manufacturers.
If stainless steel automatic pressure barrel to pressure barrel is used to classify the words on it, can be divided into spray pressure bucket and water purifier barrel pressure. Whether it is from the scope of use, or the use of quantity; net bucket is unable to compare and spray pressure barrel, thus dispensing machine specializing in the production of pressure barrel manufacturing enterprises to become the main provider of mechanical parts. If you want to choose a larger enterprise in the production, it is necessary to choose among the adhesive enterprises.
The manual type stainless steel pressure pail, the most advanced companies in the world, mostly in Europe and America, for example, EFD and LCC from the US. The second is from Japan and South Korea Sejong Musashi, LEL etc.. The famous dispensers in China are not well known in the world, but there are still some famous manufacturers of dispensing pressure barrels in China, most of which are clustered in the North Guangdong area. In the Guangzhou area, the glue dispensing enterprises are the most. Among them, the quality of production and the high reputation of the glue enterprises have the sea margin, the middle system and so on.
Carbon steel precision pressure barrel in Guangzhou especially in Shenzhen automation equipment Co., the pressure barrel production company with independent research and development is very strong and high-volume manufacturing capacity in many manufacturers, operating in the construction industry 4 inherited the concept, research and development and the dispensing process support Automation Technology of the professional and to have the dispensing products and dispensing accessories (including pressure barrels). Is a very rich research and production work of glue enterprises.
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