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The formation and solution of the bubble in the pressure buc

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When the pneumatic dispenser for dispensing, pressure barrels will some bad phenomena occur because of various reasons. But most of these phenomena from the dispenser itself and the external causes; but when the bad phenomenon, such as: pneumatic type stainless steel pressure barrel glue water bubble phenomenon, we need to a careful study of it, finally found the main causes, so that we can find the right way to solve this undesirable phenomenon. So how is the production and solution of the bubble in the pressure bucket?
Plastic pressure bucket
Why air bubbles appear in pneumatic stainless steel pressure bucket? If you want to find out the reason, there are many reasons for this phenomenon. But most of the cases came from the dispensing machine itself when it was dispensed. It was caused by the reflection of glue in the outside air and dispensing machine, but there was little bubble in the pressure dispenser when dispensing machine was under normal dispensing condition. If this is the case, most of it is caused by the air entry of the glue needle on the execution system of the glue dispenser, so the bubble will be produced. This is because the pneumatic dispensing aperture on the dispensing needle is too small, the pinhole produced back pressure is too strong, so that the outside air is pushed to the pressure dispensing needle, and enters the pneumatic type stainless steel pressure barrel, the barrel and the outside air reacts as glue, it will lead to the bubble.
Stainless steel pressure bucket
So how do these bubbles solve? The simplest way is not to let the air outside the dispensing needle enter the pressure barrel. You can change the aperture of the dispensing needle to a larger hole, or use a conical dispensing needle to solve this problem.
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